17 Apr

My video focuses on parents and i am having some time with coming up with whether i need ot spend most of my time saying that parents need to do more with their kids or give more statisics on kids behaviors due to the lack of parent supervision.

17 Apr

As i have been working on my video and trying to balance what i want to present i am not clear on how to cite the pictures and the text. I know there are multiple ways to do so but im not sure what is the best way so thay you can understand it the best.

17 Apr


1) You can tell this text and picture goes along with my audience because it is telling parents to not allow their child to play violent video games.

2) they chose this because parents are not watching what their children are doing and as a result they are becoming violent

3) The use a picture with a parent and a child playing the video game and the parents saying dont allow your children to play violent video games

10 Apr

While thinking about making my video i want to make sure i am doing it right and giving the best information to parents about violence in video games. I want to make it unique but informative. I guess seeing my videos and seeing what different things i can incorporate would help.

10 Apr


This video shows how video games can cause violence. In the scene it was like they were playing a video game in real life. the boy was shooting everyone that wasnt want to play video games with him.

copy right laws

10 Apr

I know i have used something off the internet whether it be a picture or a song unethically. I think that having those copyright laws it does nothing. people find different ways everyday to get around them. I feel like artist or other people that post things up ont the internet say they care but in reality they know people will use their things no matter what. Having the laws ust makes people try harder to find ways to get what they want.

In class

13 Mar

We recently completed a worksheet on paraphrasing and citations. I have the worst trouble with both of these things. I didnt do as good as i would have liked but when we went over it all it finally clicked a little better. I guess i just need some practice or coaching throught it again. I cant just rely on these websites to make the citations for me. I need to learn how to do them and feel confiden tin them.